AiroShock™ is an impressive material, self-developed by us at Mous HQ. All our most protective cases are lined with this clever high-impact material.

 what is Airoshock

What is AiroShock™ Technology?

AiroShock™ works by absorbing the energy when you drop your phone, which dampens the impact to the device itself. Thanks to this hyper-impressive material, our phone cases can have a super slim and sleek aesthetic, yet remain highly protective.


How Does AiroShock™ Offer Such Immense Protection?

All of our best phone case ranges (and our AirPods cases) contain AiroShock™ and so they offer a very high degree of protection. Often, slimmer cases do not offer such extreme protection but AiroShock™ absorbs the energy of drops and dampens the impact by reducing the rate of deceleration.



It isn't AiroShock™ alone that makes our cases so rugged - they are all engineered from the ground up with protection in mind. We construct all our cases from tough and durable materials, and ensure they have a secure fit to the device. Smart details like raised front edges have also been integrated to help against unwanted screen cracks or scratches.

We know that functionality is as important as protection and aesthetics, which is why our Limitless range is compatible with magnetic accessories such as phone wallets to make your device even more useful. Additionally, all of our cases support Qi wireless charging.

We hope that all this provides you with some serious peace of mind and some understanding of how Mous phone cases offer unparalleled protection.


About Mous Cases

Mous started out with a few viral campaigns by dropping phones from 45ft cranes and out of helicopters. A successful crowdfunding campaign later, the Mous dream became a reality. We found that slim cases were not overly protective and those with protection at the forefront of design were often unflattering on the eye and took up a great deal of pocket space. 

Mous Airoshock phone case

So, we created phone cases that are extremely protective (thanks to our friend AiroShock™) yet beautifully crafted and will continue to be a leader in beautiful and practical products to better protect your valuables. Alongside our case range, you can also shop for accessories including screen protectors, car phone mounts, phone wallets and more.

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